Don't throw away your hard work.

Over a quarter of new businesses fail in the first year of operation due to a lack of planning.
Morgan IT Consulting provides custom software allowing you more time to plan your core business strategy.

Knowledge is Power

Business Intelligence is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. We can create the tools to help you identify, develop and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities.

Long-Term Growth

Identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability. Morgan IT Consulting can give you the BI software to take full advantage of your data and achieve your growth goals.

High Availability

If an IT resource cannot service all the requests being placed on it, you lose the ability to make instant business decisions based on the data residing on that resource. High Availability Software running inside the cloud can detect software or machine failures in seconds and can use checkpointing to ensure that standby servers are ready to take over.

Information Security

The founder of Morgan IT Consulting, Mr. Rich Morgan, has an extensive educational background in mathematics and is a frequent lecturer on cryptographic topics. Mr. Morgan is the creator of the Phactor elliptic curve mathematics library and guest speaker for the 2014 ZendCon keynote panel on cryptocurrencies.

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